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Glad I used a dipstick on my pee this morning. I had no symptoms, but my leukocytes were sky high. It was 6:30, so I went for a 3.50 mile run, came back, and called the Dr. I got to the Dr. but was so anxious I couldn’t give a sample for like 2 hrs despite chugging water. Hilary, the NP or PA looking after me, was an angel. She is one of those health care professionals that just radiates love and makes you want to cry because she’s so nice and patient. 

I will get the culture results Wednesday. For now it’s Bactrim and Bethanechol. Oddly, my bladder doesn’t really hurt or burn. It feels a bit off. I have a slight fever. I think I caught this early enough that it’ll be ok. I think I got it because I held my pee too long and/or have been retaining a small amount for several days because my bladder still doesn’t work 100%. 

I was so scared I was shaking despite taking a Valium. I am IC free after a year and a bit of *hell.* A UTI started my IC. Well, a UTI caused by birth control, which I didn’t treat properly for a week, aggravated with Monistat, cranberry juice, cranberry pills, vitamins C pills, and 4 painful over-fillings.

Oh, and all of this is the day before school starts. STRESS.  

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imagine being an old-timey gangster but instead of having people murdered you had them loved. that’s pretty much my dream job now that i think about it. all sittin in bars in a pinstriped suit, being all “hey tony. see that guy over there? go take care of him, if you know what i mean.” and then tony goes and gives him a hug

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